I have a YouTube channel where I talk about all things Content and Social Media.

Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives

Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives is a series of interviews capturing where social is now and where it will be going.

Whenever I connect with people that are working in social media and content, I find their passion and perspectives fascinating. Social gives us so many options for ways to connect with other people online. I truly believe that we have so much to learn from each other. Whether it’s tips and tricks for a certain channel or how people bring alive their story to their audience, there is always something to learn.

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I started my #1MINMUSINGS in order to give myself a way to produce quick content, that gave a snapshot of what is going on right now in social and content.

It is great when someone recommends a book, a blog or a podcast but then the challenge becomes making the time for them.

#1MINMUSINGS are short (I would say they are more around a minute that a minute or under!), easily shareable, and give you quick news and practical tips.

You can jump over to my channel now and check out the playlist of #1MINMUSINGS here.