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Serial Season 3: Giving Your Community Content Magic Not Just Another Greatest Hit


I love the podcast Serial. I remember when I first heard it. From the first moment, and the dulcet tones of Sarah Koenig, I was hooked. From This American Life and WBEZ Chicago, it’s Serial. One story. Told week by week. To start with, the good thing was that I was behind. I listened to episode after episode, headphones in at all times, ignoring my family, drinking in this story. And then I...

Why being CEO when you’re a business of one is so important


As a business of one, it often feels like my main role is just to get the work done. Client work is what is keeping my business running, what makes me a freelancer and gives me the business in the first place. So, for the first four years of my business journey, it has been my main focus. Recently, a lot has changed. Which is strange, because really nothing has changed. I’m still here...

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