ArchiveFebruary 2015

Winging It – The Art of Doing Things Well


When I taught English as a foreign language I was horrified at the start of my first year when one of the teachers I worked with taught his students the phrase ‘winging it’ in the context of him ‘winging’ his lesson with them as he hadn’t prepared. When I first started teaching I would never had done that, how could I wing it when I had a class full of students looking at me expecting a planned...

Reducing My Screen Time  —  The Lightbulb Moment


I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my use of social media. On a quest to reduce my screen time I was reminded of the words of a wise friend of mine. She said that since she’d had kids her social interaction had gone down but her social media use had soared. ‘I used to spend all my time with my friends, now I just spend all that time on Facebook.’ I think it’s a common problem whether or not...

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